Expertly Innovative.

Even after 30 years, we continue to color outside the lines.

The Coury Story

One-of-a-Kind People. One-of-a-Kind Hotels.

We celebrate individuals. Creators.

Those who challenge the status quo.

Those who believe that life is in the details.

Those who see potential where others see dead ends.

We also avoid the ordinary. The common. The expected.

We focus on the individual, down to the last detail.

Individual hotels, individual guests, individual experiences.

It’s your life. It’s your style. It’s your place.


See how we create unforgettable experiences.

leadership and experience

A Bottom-Up Mentality

Our team operates with a hands-on approach at every level, united in our vision of delivering world-class service. The relationship that exists between our executive team and hotel associates fosters a unique and inclusive culture, ensuring we work as one cohesive unit, which translates into exceptional experiences for our guests.

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